Welcome to my blog!

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Yep, I did it…I started a blog.  Don’t get nervous, I’m not quitting my job, not soliciting money, and not promoting any big agenda.

This actually is mainly meant for me.  I am an information security enthusiast and passionate about the field.  I love learning new things and am always challenging myself.  The problem has arisen, however, where I solve a problem and move onto the next without documenting very well what I have done.  As time has worn on I have realized that I need to document the things I do, not only so I remember them down the road, but maybe I can help someone else learn as well.

Believe me, I know there are a ton of hacking/security blogs out there, written by far superior minds than mine.  So this is not an attempt to trump or prevail over any of those, it’s merely a humble attempt to document some of my efforts and hopefully help anyone out that may come across something they like.